Dennis Cleasby is a prolific American artist, musician, photographer, and author living on New York’s Long Island. He gets most of his inspiration for his creative works in the natural settings that abound in the northeastern United States, the bustle of New York City. He spends many months a year traveling the globe learning about new cultures, photographing, painting, and authoring his thoughts.

Dennis has journeyed to some of the world’s most exotic locales looking for spectacular scenery and communities to express and practice his art forms. His travels have taken him to some sixty (plus) foreign countries where his camera and paintbrush find inspirational subject matter.
Dennis has been a featured guest artist-performer in concerts, and on radio and television. He has performed for three decades, and has produced several albums on which he sings his original songs. Dennis’ artwork is displayed creatively on each of these albums. At museums, coffeehouses, festivals, political rallies and professional conferences, his music has been spotlighted. His songs of social change and human rights are filled with love and humor. This distinguished voice of the future has a true talent as an author, singer, songwriter, photographer, and visual artist. Most importantly, Dennis is a dedicated educator of tomorrow’s artists and photographers.
Dennis has a Master of Fine Arts and Master of Science (With an Emphasizing Educational Technologies) degrees from Long Island University. His gallery exhibitions have given him special acclaim when he combines his musical performance with his visual arts. He has served as a panelist on the Long Island Art Council and received several certificates of achievement for his contributions as a founding member at Long Island’s Our Times Coffeehouse where he served as Artistic Director for many years. He is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. He has an impressive repertoire of awards and honors for his years as a dedicated artist.
We hope you enjoy the fruitfulness of Dennis’ labors of love on the following web pages. Purchases of these items are welcomed. He extends his warmest welcome to those about to view his creative outpouring from a life-long quest for self-expression and spreading global peace.
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