Minaret Vista, Mammoth Lakes, California
Gondola atop Mammoth Mountain, 11,053 Ft.
Hot Creek Stream, Owens Valley
Morning Surprise, thought I was alone.
A place for solice and reflection.
Owens Valley, Hot Creek Stream.
Owens Valley, Route 203
Fern Center
Santa Monica Sculpture
Park Rose
R. Mut investigating the art scene
Owens Valley, Hot Creek
Mount Morrison
Round Cloud, not visitors
Minaret Lights
Mount Morrison Morning
Dust from a truck on a dirt road
Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Fransisco
Golden Gate Park
Golden Gate Park Colors
Two Whites
One Red
Palace of Fine Art, San Franisico
Golden Gate Bridge
Two, a river and the ocean
Cliff Vegitation
A color that makes you miss it
Costal View
The English Teacher
Hermosa Beach
Hermosa Beach Pier
LA Palms
Getty Center
Getty Center Fountain
Tijuana Mystic
Tijuana Corner, her life
Did You hear the one about the convict being out on the lamb?
Ukiah, County Fair
Wild Flower Walk, San Joaquin Valley
Sotcher Lake, San Joaquin Valley
Sotcher Pink
Ansel's Bones
Inyo National Forest, Morning
Writer's Guild Building, Hollywood
John's Pool
Hollywood Theater
Cathedral Dome, East LA
Flower Power
Can not wait
Hotel Del Coronado Lobby
Hotel Del Coronado
Old City, San Diago
Old City, San Diago still life
Old City, San Diago Festival
Old City, San Diago, Oaxacain Art
Hochoi Indian at his craft
Oaxacain Still Life
Hispanic Dancers
Festival Still Life
Eucalyptus Tree
Keeping the nest warm
Thrift Store Dream
"Take my picture!"
Studio in Santa Barbara
Studio Skylight
Rainbow Falls, San Joaquin Valley
Twin Lakes, Mammoth Lakes
Santa Barbara Light
Santa Barbara Library
Rolling Hills and Cattle
Costal View
Eucalyptus Skin
Indian Statue
Mono Lake
Pine Cone Design
Costal Watercolor
Watercolor; South of Big Sur
Sunset Watercolor
Lake Mamie Watercolor in Yellow
Lake Mamie Watercolor in Purple- Study
Rainbow Falls
Mount Morrison
Lake Mamie in Gray
Minarets Peaks
Twin Lakes. This same lake was painted by my mother in 1964.