PERU 2011


The Sacred Mountains
British Tourists
Cool Lama
Old Town and Balcony
Plaza De Armes
Bolivian Tourists
Water Park
Water Park
The Artist
Two Sisters
The Sacred Valley
Waiting for the Train
Waiting in the Sun
Machui Picchu
Machui Picchu
Machui Picchu
Mountains and Light
Sacred Valley
Boy and Cap
Paid Smile
Chicken Feet
Color in Macchu Picchu
Inca Stonework
Working for the Tourists
Lima: Plaza De Armes
Kissing Statue
Road along Beach in Lima
Inca Craftmanship
Inca Temple of the Sun
Street Scene
Woodwork on a Balcony
The Andes
Inca "Ruins" Still Standing
Motor Taxi
Baby on His Back
Typical Crafts
Boy with Bread
Water Color: Machu Picchu
Guard at Presidential Palace


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