Hammocks in a Hotel
High Cow
Fountain in Santa Fe Antioquia
Angel in Church
Boy and Frog
Baby at Work Site
Horse and Motorcycle
Church in Monteria
The Book Scholar
Monteria in the Morning
The Balconies of Cartegena
Cartegena Woman
French and Colombian Romantics
From the Balcony
From the Balcony
Dancer in Old Town
Old Town Cartegena
The Tree where Bolivar Died
Fruit Saleslady
Fruit and Smiles
Friends House
Old Fort
Old Town from Afar
Coal Miner Mime
Bead Salesman
Bolivars Tomb
Gasoline on the Side of the Road
Dancing Raggieman
Door to Sculptures Home
Beach Resort: Not Private, but Public
Restaurant in Cabo De La Vela
Young Fisherman
Wayu Indian and Child
La Gajihira Desert
Salt Mines
Wayu Indians
Riohacha Sunset
Our Resort: Private
Wayu Indians at Hammock
Wind Surfers
Flipping in the Wind
Wayu Indian Woman
Shell Still Life
Still Life
Cartegena at Night
Wayu Children on the Beach
Still Life in Kitchen
Sitting on a Low Wall
Old Boats
Watercolor: The Dreamer Hostel, Santa Marta
Casual Smiles
Cartegena Reflections
Botero in Plaza
Dirty Bird
Wayu Indian Fashion
Dreamer Hostel: The Best Place
Cartegena Buildings
Santa Fe Antioquia
Santa Fe Antioquia
Boy at a Stoop
At the Flower Show
92 and Still Smoking
Church and Clouds
Colorful Bird
Nuns at Flower Show
Flowers of Gold
Modern Shopping Mall
At the Church Door
Seeking Shealter
Pastel: Barbosa, Outside Medellin
Water Color: Minca, In the Mountains outside of Santa Marta
Water Color: La Guijara

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