Guatemala 2010
Tikal Pyrimid
Tikal Pyrimid
Strange Red Fruit
Native Animal
More Strange Fruit
Rain Forest Tree
Colorful Door
Baby Face
More Baby Face
Boy Eating in a Window
Plaza in Flores
Cobble Streets
Tikal Pyrimid
Island of Flores
Waiting for a Fare
Ice Cream Cart
Our Tour Guide
Wash Basins
Market in Antigua
Water Taxis in Flores
Hand Loom
Church in Antigua
Carnival in Antigua
Listening to Stories in Chichicastanango
Chichicastanango Market
Chichicastanango Villagers
Julio in Yellow
Chichicastanango Church
Tradidtional Garmet
Street Scene
Working in His Father Business
Face of Indian
Vendor with His Vegatables
Composition in Green and Violet
Typical Shop
Water Taxi Ride
The Past
Museum of Archiology
Mayian Ceramic
Face in the Rock
Julio in the Sand
Port San Jose; Looking for Business
The Tribe
Baby Face
For the Camera
Too Old to Remember
Typical Fabric
Rickshaw: Took, Took
Museum Piece
After A Hard Days Work
Red on Red
Green on Blue
Eggs in a Market
Healthy Food
Iglesia de San José el Viejo
Iglesia de San José el Viejo
Clean and Organized
Fountain in a Garden
In the Market
Pink and White
Town Plaza: Antigua
Antigua Arch
Island Flores
Water Lilly
Peek a Boo
Sleeping in the Zoo
Have No Idea of the Name
Tour Guide
Zoo Cat
Composition in Blue
Waer Taxi
Tikal Pyrimid
Sculpture in His Studio
Red Fruit
View from Tikal Pyrimid
Sculpture Garden in Guitemala Museum
Water Color: Tikal Pyrimid