Nicaragua 2010
Shore Repairman
Working for a Living
Flower from Island
Setting Up Shop for the Day
Washing Up
Volcano Near Granada
Painted Face
Oil Painting by Pedro
Boatmen: Father and Son
Sculpture by Pedro
Tortilla Maker
Aftere the Rain
Amigos Hostel
Watch Repairman
Smilling Saleswoman
Granaga Street Scene
Taking a Break Husband and Wife Team
Sitting on his Wheels
Ruth and Son
All Natural
Marekt in Granaga
Masaya Church and Salesman
Volvan in Southern Nicaragua
Bus Driver
Shore Repairman
Morning Alarm Clock
Earless Friend
Popusa Maker
Same Man as the Year Before
Cathrdral in Granada
Funeral at Chuch
Dreamy Palms
Child's Smile
View in Granada
The Watch Salesman and His Wife