Costa Rica 2010
Arenal Volcano
Tour Guide
Baldi Hot Springs near Arenal
Orange Compostion
Arenal Letting off Some Steam
Flower at Baldi
Room Without a View
Taxi Driver and his Dad
Dog in Church
Typical Homes
Arenal at First Light
Sunset over the Pacific
White Gate
New Friends
Eric and Family
Beach Trail
Ruth's Eightieth Birday
Communal Kitchen
Marie from Paris
Golden Leaf
Fabiolia and Child
Kybi Looking at Me
Cliffs at Hermosa
Bus and Super Market
Cliffs at Hermosa
Beach Cattus
Kybi on his Cycle
Yellow Butterfly
Yukalaylee Player
Tarek from Moracco/ Paris
Eligh and Ballons
Lina and Diana
Manuel Antonio National Park
Pensive Monkey
Tarek on Palm Tree
Kybi on Wheels from Mexico City
Dasha and Kybi
Waitng for a Happy Meal
Hanging Flowers
Hanging Around
Beach House and Plants
Beach House
Watercolor: Manuel Antonio
Watercolor: Costal View
Watercolor: View from Hermosa