Bolivia proved to be one of the most challenging photographic journeys yet. The people, mostly indigenous Indians, have a history of being exploited by outsiders, thus a level of mistrust for tourist. This coupled with their traditions and customs keeps them reserved and distant from the traveler. The landscape is absolutely breathtaking. The altitude is breathtaking. To walk is a difficult task. There are no such thing as level ground, it is all hills, mostly up-hill. This capital city is one of the highest in the world, situated at the base of a huge snow capped mountain. The city of La Paz, when seen from arriving by bus from the airport on the plateau above, is like looking into a great bowl that sinks far beyond view and is filled with buildings and houses, all the way to the tip-top on each side. Some of these neighborhoods virtually roll down hill each rainy season. Upon our arrival the woman in Bowler hats seemed to be an endless source of interest to my camera and searching eyes. Dennis Cleasby. September 2011


The Lord above the City
Valley of the Moon
Friendly Construction Workers Who Asked to be Photographed
Market Day
Woman in Bowler Hat from Above
Potatoes and Sunlight
Keeping Guard
The Capitol
Street Shoppers
Walking Home
Child with "Flying Rats" (According to the tour guide)
Crossing the Street
The Mountasin of Three Peaks
Selling Flowers
Child in Red
Shoe Shinning Path?
Family on the Bridge
La Paz and Light
La Paz Climbing the Hills
Candles to the Patron
Indian walking to a Celebration
The Country Outside of La Paz
Wonderful Light
Indians Walking to a Celebration
The Patron of Bolivia
Fountain Head
Car in Procession
The Gossips
Church in Copacabana
Church in Copacabana
Sunset on Copacabana
Child in a Market
Church in Copacabana
View Along the HIghway: Lake Titikaca
Train Tracks
My Favorite Becasue of the Light
Tending the Herd
Mountains Outside Copacabana
Open Smile
Ruin in the MIddle of the City
Sunset on the Hills
Old Church
Hood Orniment
Ruin in Down Town La Paz
The Stone Arch
Modern La Paz
Offering to Pachamama
The "Witches Street"
Offerings to Pachamama: Dead Baby Lamas
Sitting on a Step
Church Interior
Shrine to the Founder
The Center of La Paz
The Black Arch at the Highest Point in the City
Tree Bark like Skin
Tree Bark like Skin
The Old Street
Going to Market
Going to Market
Church Door
Cell Phone and Sidewalks
The Capitol
Buying Bread in La Paz
Soilders at the Airport
Street Noise
Water Color: Copacabana
Fruit Market: Copacabana

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